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SBC lesson #1 [14 Apr 2004|11:22pm]

For most of the guys, killings got to be accepted. Murder was the only way that everybody stayed in line. You got out of line, you got whacked. Everybody knew the rules. But sometimes, even if people didn't get out of line, they got whacked. I mean, hits just became a habit for some of the guys. Guys would get into arguments over nothing and before you knew it, one of them was dead. And they were shooting each other all the time. Shooting people was a normal thing. It was no big deal.
too much sexy to handle

A message from your President [07 Mar 2004|10:05pm]

First off I would like to welcome our newest member Nate from edinboro PA. I would also like to welcome our newest class of soon to be sexy boys Roger and Darrin.

Ok. As sexy boys I figured I have to lay down how you become or what makes you sexy.

First off to be a sexy boy you must have at least two of the following prerequisites.

1. Absoulte Sexy - This is just basically being a great looking guy from head to toe. Physical features only.

2. Master of Style - You have your own unique style that makes the ladies (or men) go "GODDAMN THATS A SEXY BOY!"

3. Funny Boy - Being a funny boy means you have a sense of humor. It doesnt matter what kind of sense of humor just that It makes most people laugh.

4. Smile - A sexy smile can make up for most any physical weakness.

5. Dancing Machine - This boy can dance, and when you see him doing it it makes you think you can too.

6. Confidence - You are confident but not too much as to be over confident. Your stride and posture show you wont take shit from anyone and you know youre a sexy boy.

7. Master of the Game - This boy can talk like no other. Women get confused with the words but definatly want to learn more about this man.

8. Heart - This man will never let his friends down. ever.

9. Cultured - This category of sexy shows off intelligence by knowing abstract things about people, places and things. Usually thought sexy by very artsy people.

10. Gentleman - This one is easy. Being a gentleman. Knowing what to say and when to say it. Pulling out chairs. Opening doors. You know the routine, very few of us follow it.

11. Eyes - You have very sexy eyes.

Their will be more categories in the future. These are just the ones off the top of my head. Remember to be sexy always and forever.

Secondly I have to say. You can only become a member if another member vouches for you. When this happens the member that vouched for you basically puts himself on the line to get you in. Dont fuck anything up and you will be in. Fuck something up and they will get disciplined and you will never be allowed in.

Third comes the initiation. This is different for everyone usually exploits your weakest sexy trait. It helps us to see if you other sexy traits can cover for the lacking one. Sometimes its just something that will make us laugh though.

After that you receive a bandana with pink and black zebra strips to signify you are now a member. Pass it on to vouch for someone. When you receive a bandana you must have it in your pocket whenever another crew member is around. If they see you outside of work outside of home with out it displaying you may be repremanded.

Any Questions?
too much sexy to handle

[24 Feb 2004|01:20am]

Sexy boys here is a list of your top officials and postions held.

President - The Checker King (Dante)
Vice President - Snoogs (Andrew T)
Chairman - Bacon (Kevin D)
Secretary of Sexiness - Seth Reese
Secretary of Domestic Disturbance - Jay Walker
Little Buddy (Presidents Personal Assistant)- Ian Spratt
too much sexy to handle

We are damn sexy. [18 Feb 2004|05:00pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Sexy is as Sexy does.

you got slapped!!! too much sexy to handle

[18 Feb 2004|04:20pm]
[ mood | horny ]

i be fucking bitches all night
hit it twice if that shit is tight

you got slapped!!! too much sexy to handle

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